Spring Newsletter 2024
By Emily Rabone on 15th March 2024

Spring is finally here, although aside from the blossom tree’s I don’t think we would notice, it is still cold, wet and all round pretty miserable. However, we shall have faith it will soon turn around and fingers crossed for some early sunshine. 


Let’s start with some of the latest security news.


  • First up and perhaps the most ridiculous as reported by Gloucestershire Live a couple of police officers on their rounds spotted a gun propping open a window - it does seem to be deactivated but nevertheless there are certainly more sensible ways to keep your window up/announce you have a secure home!

  • Gloucestershire police are urging commercial companies to be extra vigilant due to a surge of cooking oil thefts. Unmarked vans and lack of ID are the tell-tale signs that your grease collector isn’t legit, so make sure all staff are aware of collection days and the contracted company you use. 

  • There has been a rise in rural crimes as Spring has kicked-in this has been particularly stressful for farmers with sheep-worrying leading up to lambing season as dog attacks on sheep increased particularly in the Forest of Dean.

  • Numerous reports of tractors and other farming machinery have also been reported - which can be a devastating loss to the farming community.

  • Several burglaries and break-ins were reported in February including a break-in at a Bishops Cleeve supermarket which resulted in the arrest of four teenagers and in a separate incident three males being taken into custody after being caught at a Gloucester power station. Gloucestershire Police

Spring Brings Increased Risk to Cyclists, Motorcyclists and Pedestrians

Image by pch.vector on Freepik

Spring has come early in Gloucestershire, and with the longer daylight hours and warmer weather more pedestrians and cyclists are out and about.

The recent tragic death of an 82-year-old pedestrian in Cheltenham was a powerful reminder of the duty of care drivers have to other vulnerable road users. 

Over a five-year period in Gloucestershire, pedestrians and cyclists are over-represented in road casualties accounting for 25% of all casualties, and 23% of all fatalities.        

Along with cyclists and pedestrians, there is always an increased risk of accidents involving motorcycles. 

Road users need to be aware that more motorcycles will be out and about on the road and to keep a lookout particularly at junctions and moving off from a stop. Equally riders need to remember roads aren’t race tracks, to ride within their capabilities and invest in quality riding gear. 


Scammers and Rogue Traders

Image by Freepik

Police have issued a warning about scammers conning the elderly out of £1000’s in the Stroud area including Painwick, Cam, Dursley and Stone. 


These rogue tradesmen have been knocking on doors offering services such as jet washing a driveway and then charging an inflated sum of money for the work. 


If the services were turned down by the un-suspecting home-owners the rogue traders were repeatedly coming back over a period of weeks getting more forceful in their attempt to get business. 

Top Tips


  • If you receive a cold call to your door, be sure to always ask for I.D and remember you are under no obligation to let anybody into your home. 

  • Never sign a contract for any work on the spot, take your time, ask for references of other work and shop around first. 

  • If you have any doubts call Citizens Advice. 

  • You can contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or police on 101 if you feel that you have been the victim of this. You should always call 999 if you feel intimidated or threatened by an individual and they are still in the area.


You also need to be on the lookout for online scammers, the internet has opened up a whole new way for people to commit fraud. 


One such lady was nearly a victim of this had it not been for two Stroud PCSOs who were called to the Dursley post office as an elderly lady was trying to send £2000 to a Colombian man claiming that he could fix her computer.

Events and Crime 

Image by rawpixel.com at Freepik


When the weather changes it inevitably brings the new season of events from the Cheltenham races and festivals to more intimate affairs like weddings. 


Whenever there is a large crowd of people, alcohol and festivities crime is almost inevitable as there is always a bad seed. 

Top Tips

  • Be aware of where your valuables are particularly in large crowds

  • Don’t leave expensive items in your vehicle and certainly not on show

  • Avoid anyone offering anything too good to be true, for example park only in official car parking zones and take licensed taxis

  • If something you have seen is making you uncomfortable report it immediately to the security at the event to get it dealt with

  • Never leave your drink unattended or accept one from a stranger unless you are at the bar where it is made in front of you


If you are planning an event whether it be a private one or for your workplace there are things you can do to eliminate things going haywire. 


J.A.K.K Security offers event security services which help your event go off without a hitch for more information check out our page here.  

Stalking - Fixated Obsessed Unwanted and Repeated

The latest campaign from Gloucestershire Police is focused on the effects of stalking. 

“Sometimes stalking behaviours can seem small on their own. But when they’re combined into a pattern that follows FOUR: Fixated, Obsessed, Unwanted, Repeated: You should record it and report it before it escalates further.”


You can seek advice and read more about the latest campaign here.


If you are a victim of stalking there are some effective security precautions you could put in place including an investment in quality CCTV equipment with a CCTV operative along with an alarm system that triggers a response. J.A.K.K Security offers an alarm response service with an average response time of just 18 minutes. 


Get in touch with us to explore your options and how we can help you feel secure in your own home and/or work place.

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